• Ideal for office workers in cooler climates, or those who go beyond the office doors, the Duran Heated Shirt provides up to 8 hours of radiant heat in extreme temperature
  • Crisp white with a tailored fit, the power bank slides into a snug interior pocket, while the thermostat switch is on the inside of your lapel.
  • Three carbon-fibre heat zones utilize radiant heat technology, powered by your own 5V power bank to deliver consistent heating power for up to 8 hours
  • The thermostat switch is easy to use – high, medium, and low are indicated by a colour coded LED, and includes a warming feature and safety shut off
  • The Duran Heated Shirt is backed by Duran’s one-year warranty; with proper care, it will provide comfortable warmth for 5 - 8 years; this is a gift that will last for years to come

Duran Heated Business Shirt

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