• Designed for cold weather, the Duran Heated Hoodie, provides heat to your body’s three core areas, where you need it most. Radiant heat technology and a 5V portable power bank deliver consistent heating power – no matter the temperature. You provide your own power bank, and Duran Heat Gear does the rest.
  • The Duran Heated Hoodie, full zipper, hood with contrasting drawstrings, and two hip pockets, is designed with for modern life. Slate grey with a tailored fit, the Duran Heated Hoodie is your ideal companion for workout wear or casual street style.
  • Stay warm while jogging or cycling, no matter the weather. Perfect for outdoor exercise, the Duran Heated Hoodie provides up to 8 hours of radiant heat in cold temperatures.
  • Duran Heat Gears’ radiant heating technology plugs into an internal USB cord and is powered by a 5V power bank. Three carbon-fibre heat zones provide fully adjustable heating comfort, all at the touch of a button. The thermostat switch is easy to use – high, medium, and low are indicated by a colour coded LED, and a warming feature and safety shut off are built right in.
  • The Duran Heated Hoodie is backed by Duran’s one-year warranty. Fully machine washable – just remove the USB power pack and ensure the built in USB cable is secured – with proper care, Duran Heated Hoodie will provide comfortable warmth for years.

Duran Hoodie

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